Tin Pan
Songwriting for everyone
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What is it?

Tin Pan is an app that brings the joy of songwriting to anyone who loves music.


Invent unique musical phrases through a captivating process of discovery and improvisation.


Your music sounds great from day one and gets better as you go. Tin Pan guides you through musical choices, from the familiar to the adventurous.


Your eyes see what your ears hear. Tin Pan utilizes a striking visual language to represent essential musical concepts. As you play, you develop a visual intuition about how music works.


You can share and download your creations; browse, comment, and riff on others’ work; and use your music inside Garage Band and your favorite iOS music apps.

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About me

Gil Carmel

I'm a lifelong musical noodler who suddenly got really interested in music theory. In the past, I've worked on mobile games like World of Goo and Little Inferno and apps like Autorap.