Car Air Conditioner Recharge, The Easy Ways to Do It in Just 15 Minutes!

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There are 5 Easy and Fast ways that you can use if you want to do a Car Air Conditioner Recharge

If you use AC in your car, you must have felt that the air conditioning system in your car is not cold anymore. So, if that happens, then that’s a sign that you have to do car air conditioner recharge.

To make it easier for you to recharge your car air conditioner, here we provide the easy ways. Don’t worry, you only need 15 minutes to do that!

First, You Need to Prepare All The Equipment

You have to buy a kit for charging your car. If you don’t know what kind of tool kit you should buy, you can ask your auto parts store to get the right recommendations.

If your car is a 1995 car, the off-the-shelf AC that is usually used is R-134. If your car was produced in 1992-1995 then usually the AC used is AC type R-12 or R-134. However, if your car is still using AC R-12, you actually need to replace it with R-134. 

In addition to the refill kit, you will also need one or more cans of coolant. Generally, we need two cans of AC refrigerant if we want to refill it.

Then, how much does it cost to buy all the equipment? To buy the complete kit, you need to pay $30 per can and $55 for two cans.

We suggest looking for a filling kit that comes with UV dye. That will help you find leaks in your car’s air conditioner.

Once Your Equipment is Available, Look for Ports on The Lower Side

The second step in doing a car air conditioner recharge is to look for the underside of the car air conditioner. The shape is like a thorn which is located between the compressor and the evaporator.

Then, Install The AC Can

After finding the underside of the AC, now is the time for you to attach the dispenser hose and connect it to the AC can. Attach it to the underside by pulling the slip ring outwards. Then, push and release the ring again.

After that, you have to turn on the AC machine and check the gauge system. The compressor clutch must also be engaged and parts of the compressor must also rotate.

So, if the pressure gets lower than 20 psi and the compressor isn’t running, then remove the AC refrigerant until your car’s clutch can work. You have to shake the can first before doing it. Shaking also needs to be done every 3 to 4 seconds thereafter.

Next, Proceed with Charging The Coolant

After the previous steps you did, now you have to check the pressure section in the refrigerant to find out the appropriate system pressure. Next, remove the refrigerant. Then, check the pressure until it reaches the pressure level you want.

On some people, at 85 degrees, the system requests pressure between 45-55 psi. So, you can’t put too much pressure on it. Start by applying pressure slowly.

If the can starts to get empty, turn the can over immediately so that the remaining oil can be completely removed. After that, remove the can.

You Also Have to Check for Small Leaks that Occur in Your Car’s AC System

We have already advised you to buy a kit that has a UV dye. So, use this UV dye to detect small leaks that might occur in your car’s AC system.

The trick is to use a UV pen and check every valve or connection point in the car’s AC system. In some cases, there are small leaks. That spot is what makes the front air conditioner flow refrigerant to the rear air conditioner which is under the car.

Those are the ways to do car air conditioner recharge. However, if you are still having trouble doing the methods above, you should immediately contact the nearest repair shop or spare parts store. They will not only help you with car AC leaks, but also various other AC problems such as the ac compressor in car not working –  car AC compressor not turning on.