Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air? 3 Possible Causes You Should Consider

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Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air? 3 Possible Causes You Should Consider

tin pan – Why is my car ac blowing hot air – You may be shocked because your car AC blows hot air. Then, you are asking why is my car ac blowing hot air while trying to set it. Relax! Car ac blowing hot air – car air conditioner blowing hot air is a common issue. The critical thing you should understand is the reason why it happens and how to fix it right away. The information below will help you.

There Is a Problem with the Electrical System

The first thing you should check when your car ac blows hot air is the electrical system. It is the most common cause of this problem. Ensure that the components, such as fuses, relays, and switches work well.

why is my car ac blowing hot air

The AC will not work properly if there is a problem with one of the components. Don’t get shocked if the AC suddenly stops working if you don’t fix this problem. Slowly but surely, this problem affects other components.

Despite it being the most common issue in cars with an AC system, not all car owners can fix it. It will be better if you call a professional mechanic to fix this problem. Fixing the AC components without sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience will make it worse.

A Problem with the Refrigerant

The next part you should check is the refrigerant or coolant. It is a fluid to cool the passenger cabin. This fluid is about to circulate throughout the air conditioning system. This component should be tightly sealed. The seal prevents the fluid from evaporating.

So, why is my car ac blowing hot air? Is there any relationship with the refrigerant? Yes. The most possible problem is there is a leak somewhere around the refrigerant. It is useless to refill the coolant if the leak is still there.

Fix this problem immediately otherwise this small issue will damage the AC. Imagine if you have to replace your car AC system only because of a small leak in the coolant. There are no hacks to repair this problem. Call a certified mechanic to fix the leak.

A Terrible Problem in the Condenser

The condition of the condenser also determines the temperature of the air from the AC. So, the condenser can be in a bad condition when your AC blows hot air. It is because the condenser helps to reduce the temperature.

Mostly this problem is caused by dirt and debris that is trapped inside the condenser. The more dirt or debris in the condenser, it causes a blockage or even breakage.

Try to clean the condenser and turn the AC on. The air should be back to normal after the cleaning process.
Now, you don’t need to ask anymore why is my car ac blowing hot air. You have got the answer and the things to do to solve it.