3 Simple Tricks to Repair Car AC Blowing Hot Air by Yourself At home

3 Simple Tricks to Repair Car AC Blowing Hot Air by Yourself At home

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Simple Tricks to Repair Car AC Blowing Hot Air by Yourself At home

Be careful if your car AC blows hot air! A car AC blowing hot air is a sign that there is a problem with its components. So, stop driving the car and check the components. Here, we have some tips to repair car ac blowing hot air. The information below will be so useful if you love to fix something by yourself.

Recharge the Refrigerant

You should check the refrigerant first when the AC air temperature is higher. It can be because of an insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system. A low level of refrigerant will make the AC temperature higher. As a result, it blows hot air inside the car.

The way to repair this problem is by adding refrigerant. Ensure that the refrigerant is sufficient enough before igniting the car and turning the AC on. It should be back to normal if there are no other problems.

Recharge the coolant with an AC recharge kit. You only have to open the hood of the vehicle. Check the type of refrigerant your vehicle uses under the hood. Ignite the engine and turn on the AC. Set the AC to the coolest level and the fan to the maximum speed.

repair car ac blowing hot air

Now, find out the low-pressure service port with an L label. Connect the AC recharge kit. What if the air remains hot even after adding the refrigerant? It can be because of leakage. It is a serious problem. Only certified technicians can handle this problem.

Clean the Condenser

The condenser is another you should check regularly to keep the performance of the AC system. Dirt and debris may stick around the condenser while using the car. The more often you drive the car, the dirtier the condenser.

Thick dirt blockage or breakage of the condenser. As a result, the car AC blows hot air. Cleaning the condenser is not as simple as you can imagine. You still have to remove the front bumper first to get access to the condenser.

Now, use a pressure washer to clean the condenser. Only because you want to clean this component faster doesn’t mean that you have to use a high-pressure setting. It damages the fins. Instead of doing that, repair car AC blowing hot air by cleaning the condenser with a low-pressure setting.

Clean the Evaporator

The evaporator is another component you should clean if your vehicle AC blows hot air. Dirt and debris stick on the fins and block the airflow through the evaporator. Remove the entire dashboard to reach the evaporator and clean it.

At least, you know 3 ways to repair car AC blowing hot air by yourself at home. Call a professional technician in case the tricks above don’t work.