4 Most Common Causes That Make a Car AC Blowing Hot Air After Recharge

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Most Common Causes That Make a Car AC Blowing Hot Air After Recharge

There is a case where your car AC blowing hot air after recharge. Indeed, it is something that you don’t expect. A car AC blowing hot hair (car blowing hot air instead of cold) can be caused by a variety of problems. Check the information below if you feel the hot air from your AC once you recharge it.


Leakage is the most common reason why a car AC produces hot air. One of them is the leakage of the freon. The function of freon is to cool the warm air before spreading it inside the car. This feature should do its function perfectly otherwise there is a change in the air temperature.

Indeed, a leak in freon is a big problem. This issue affects the hose, a loose gasket, or a loose connection. So, check the freon and find out the leaky part when your car AC produces hot air. For a safer repair process, bring the car to the dealer. Let professional technicians fix it.

Blend Air Door is Stuck

A blended air door is a mechanism to close off the warm air across the ventilation system. Then, the AC system spread the cold air inside the car. So, is there any relationship between car AC blowing hot air after recharge with this mechanism? Yes.

The common problem is that the mechanism is stuck. If so, the system will only produce warm air even when turning the AC system on. Fixing this issue takes time because you have to remove the dashboard first to reach the components. You should call a trusted technician if you don’t have any experience yet in handling this problem.

The compressor Doesn’t Engage

A compressor is a vital component in a car AC system. The performance of other components depends on the condition of the compressor. For example, a compressor will compress the freon. Freon will expand and produce cold air.

car ac blowing hot air after recharge

The process is interrupted when the compressor doesn’t work. It means that the air in the system won’t be as cold as you wish. This problem happens because of low freon levels, electrical problems, or engine overheating.

Electrical Problems

It is also the main reason why a car AC blows hot air and doesn’t work as you expect. Besides a problem with the compressor, you also should check the fuse. The fuse on an AC system may blow. If so, the AC system will stop working. Replace the blown fuse with a new one and try the AC system.

Your car may have one of the problems above if the car AC blowing hot air after recharge. Some car owners may successfully repair the problem by themselves.
In case you don’t have any skills, bring your vehicle to the dealer. The earlier you bring the car to the dealer, the better before the main problem affects other components and makes it worse.