An Effective Solution to Solve Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Idle

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An Effective Solution to Solve Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Idle

Some car owners are having a problem with the car AC blowing hot air when idle. Do you have the same problem? The information below explains the reason why your car AC blowing hot air – air conditioner blowing hot air when idle. You will also understand the way to fix this problem and use the AC as before.

The Cause of Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Idle

One of the reasons why your car AC produces hot air instead of cold air when idle is because of the cooling fan. There will be a faulty cooling fan in the car AC system. The cooling fan should work as its function to keep the radiator and condenser cool during the idling.
Imagine if there is a problem with the cooling fan. It means the radiator and condenser are getting so hot when idling the vehicle. Indeed, it affects other components in the vehicle.

As the radiator and condenser get hotter, so does the vehicle. Letting this condition without any proper solution trigger an overheating problem. At a certain point, it damages the AC system. Finally, you can’t use the AC system at all.

The Way to Repair Car AC That Blows Hot Air when Idle

Now, you know the reason why car AC blowing hot air when idle. So, what do you have to do to solve this problem? Replace the cooling fan if it is the cause of the problem. Follow the steps below to replace the damaged cooling fan with a new one.

car ac blowing hot air when idle

Instructions to Replace Car AC Cooling Fan

First, you should identify the compartment to access the cooling fan. It is the part you should remove first. The function of removing the part is to access the car AC cooling fan. Then, carefully remove all the bolts, screws, and clips to open the component and reach the fan.

Second, find out the battery inside the vehicle. Disconnect the battery terminal once you find it. Start disconnecting the negative cable first and the positive cable. It is a crucial step to prevent the cooling fan from being energized. Touching this component without disconnecting the battery terminal is so dangerous to do.

Third, remove ductwork, hoses, bracketry, and other components. These components will interrupt you while pulling the cooling fan or radiator out. Fourth, unplug all the electrical connectors for the cooling fan. Remove also all the mounting hardware.

Fifth, it is time to remove the cooling fan assembly from the vehicle. Install the new cooling fan on the vehicle. That’s it! A car AC blowing hot air when idle issue is solved.