Check These 3 Components When Your Car AC Blowing Hot Air on Driver Side

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Check These 3 Components When Your Car AC Blowing Hot Air on Driver Side

There are some reasons why car AC blowing hot air on driver side. The most important thing is that you should solve the car AC blowing hot air (car ac blows hot air but not cold) issue immediately. Letting a small problem for so long will affect other components. As a result, you have to spend more money or even replace the AC system. Check the details below to get your AC system back to normal.

car ac blowing hot air on driver side

Check the Temperature Setting 

The temperature setting is one of the reasons why the AC blows hot air on the driver’s side and cold on one side. If so, you only have to adjust the AC temperature setting on the driver’s side to achieve the preferred degree. The problem is solved if there are no other issues in the AC system. You should check the AC components if this simple trick doesn’t work to make the AC air in the driver’s side back to normal. 

Reset the HVAC Control Module Program

Car AC blowing hot air on the driver side can also be because of an error in the HVAC control module program. This problem often happens after disconnecting the battery. The sign to check the module is when it shows inaccurate data. 

Inaccurate data leads to an inaccurate temperature. It is time to recalibrate the module. All you have to do is disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Let it off for about 5 minutes. 

Now, turn the key on. Remember! You are not allowed to touch any HVAC controls after turning the key on. The module will reset and back to normal, and so does the AC temperature on the driver side. 

Check the Blend Door Actuator 

Malfunctioning on the blend door actuator can also change the AC temperature. It is known as a faulty blend door actuator. It is a condition when the actuator fails to do a command from the HVAC control module. 

This problem triggers temperature blowing hotter air than the setting or command. Use an advanced scan tool to identify a faulty blend door actuator. Try to notify if there is a clicking noise from the dash. It is a sign that there is something wrong with the internal parts.   

You may fix the simple problem that causes your car AC blowing hot air on the driver side. You should bring your car to a dealer or call a certified technician to diagnose the problem. Let them repair the AC to prevent other internal parts issues.