Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Stopped

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Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Stopped

AC air temperature should be the same while running or stopping. It seems there is something wrong with your car AC blowing hot air when stopped. Some car owners experienced this issue, such as when at the red light. So, what should you do when your car AC blowing hot air (my car ac is only blowing hot air) at the red light or while parking it? 

The Car AC Mechanism while the Car Stop 

There is a component known as a condenser in the car AC. It is a heat exchanger in front of the radiator that maintains airflow. The function is the same whether the car is stopped while the engine is on or completely stopped.

car ac blowing hot air when stopped

Your car AC will blow cold air as your setting if the condenser is in normal condition. There is also another component known as a refrigerant charge. It helps to keep the air temperature cold as it does. 

Car AC also has a compressor clutch. The compressor has to run anytime you turn the AC system on. If it is not, it can be one of the causes why your car AC blowing hot air when stopped.  

The Reasons Why Car AC Blowing Hot Air when Stopped 

The first possibility is because the condenser doesn’t work properly. This component works to maintain the airflow. Indeed, there will be something wrong with the airflow if it doesn’t work. The air temperature will be hotter than the setting. 

This condition can also happen because of the low level of the refrigerant charge. Since the function is to control the temperature, you should keep the refrigerant at the standard level. Leaving the refrigerant without regular maintenance affects the air temperature of the car AC system. 

At a certain point, the refrigerant is empty and your car AC starts blowing hot air whether when driving or parking it. It is also because the compressor clutch is not cycling. 

In this condition, the condenser is often blocked by dirt or debris. That’s why you should maintain your car AC system regularly, including cleaning it of debris or dirt.

In case you don’t have any experience or skill, and experience, call a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem. One thing is for sure, you finally know why your car AC blowing hot air when stopped

The earlier you know the problem, the better. The repair cost is more affordable. This information may trigger you to maintain your car AC system regularly to prevent the same problem in the future.