Signs You Need to Switch to Portable Car Air Conditioner

Signs You Need to Switch to Portable Car Air Conditioner


What is a Car Without a Cooling System? 

If you are wondering if it is time to invest in a portable car air conditioner, you might want to consider these factors. We all know that the air conditioner in a car plays a big role. It is an element that makes our road trip bearable and not noisy because we can close the windows all the way up. Just like the entire element of the car, you might need to inspect the AC every now and then.

If your car’s AC system broke down, the alternative is to get a Portable Car Air Conditioner.

 If you are not familiar with the air conditioner system, you might think that it is a tool that creates cool wind. When in fact, it transforms hot air through a complicated thermodynamics process to change the temperature in the car. The main character of this process is the car’s compressor.

How Does the Car Compressor Work?

Just like in a regular air conditioner, the compressor works by pumping high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant to the condenser in front of the radiator. This process will then condense the refrigerant to a cooler temperature which is how you get a cool wind from the AC in your cabin.

However, if your car ac compressor not turning on, it might be caused by several things. Here are signs that your compressor is not working and you need to look for a cooling alternative ASAP before you become a sitting duck from the heat inside your car.

  1. Odd Sounds

The first telltale of a broken car compressor is odd sounds. If you hear it when you first turn on the AC, it’s most likely that the compressor is broken. This part will grind with other parts and whine if activated. This can also mean that the bearings are going bad. One thing you can do to make sure is turn off the AC and turn it back on. If the sounds only appear when the AC is on, then you’ve got an AC problem.

  1. Hot Air

The point of turning on your AC is to get cool wind going through the car. However, if all you get is hot air, you might need to look up the compressor. It means that the compressor isn’t doing its job to pump the refrigerant that can cool the air, or it can also mean refrigerant leaks in your AC system. When that happens, your choices are to go to the auto shop or start browsing for a portable air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioner

When you get all those signs, you might want to start to look up the portable car air conditioner. Here are the benefits that you can get if you own one of these versatile tools.

The first benefit is the compact size of this portable air conditioner. This makes it not only perfect for small spaces such as cars, but you can also use it in your room back in the house. Not to mention that it uses a smaller portion of energy compared to traditional air conditioners and also window fans. It is also easy to clean and move around hence the small size. To add a cherry on top, different brands also include features such as fans, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. 

That is all about your car’s AC system. Most of the time it is fixable, but if one day your AC compressor starts going bad, you need to have an alternative for cooling down your long trip across the city. When that happens, you can try getting a portable car air conditioner that has a lot of benefits. It doesn’t always have to stay in your car because you can take it anywhere with you after you finish using it in the car.

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